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Please consult factory to discuss your critical performance requirements, dimensional tolerances, space restrictions, etc.
Compactor Systems for High Rise Apartments

Apartment CompactorDesigned for high rise apartment complexes, the APT-331 is small, compact, and totally automatic. The new dual cylinder APT-33X offers an even more compact foot print for the most space-restricted installations.

Compaction starts automatically when residents fill the chamber. Waste is typically fed to the compactor through a chute system.

All our apartment compactor designs provide superior dependability and low maintenance. These compactors are designed to provide consistent container weights and last for many years. Both APT models are standard with a hopper, mounted hydraulic power unit, ANSI/OSHA approved photo eye start system, and specific voltage wiring of your choice.

Clear Top
L x W (in)
Max (lbs)
1/3 24 x 28 22,600 40 APT-331
1/3 24 x 28 22,600 40 CP-331
1/3 24 x 28 17,600 40 APT-33X


If your facility requires greater capacity, contact SP Industries to discuss your specific requirements. Our commercial compactors are also ideally suited for apartment applications, and provide larger capacities up to 4 cubic yards, and are readily outfitted with a variety of design options tailored to the needs of apartment or commercial building compactor waste disposal systems.



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