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Specialized material handling compaction equipment is our core business.

We'd like to make it yours.

SP Industries Inc. is looking for the right dealer organizations who are committed to customer satisfaction the same way we are.

We're not another "me too" commercial compactor vendor — our company has followed a different course over its 30 year history. Instead, we're the "go to" resource for customers needing cost-effective solutions for:

  • highly specialized performance
  • unrivalled design quality
  • dependable year-in/year-out reliability
  • and the lowest overall operating costs in waste handling

When it comes to material handling compactors and cart dumpers for product destruction, recycling, fluid collection and scrap businesses, SP Industries is in a market of its own. Our sustainable systems maximize payloads, minimize labor, reduce transportation costs, and reduce fuel emissions which can result in a significant reduction of the customer's carbon footprint. SP Industries services a wide customer base in several discrete industries across the USA and Canada. We are looking to expand our coverage and penetration in these markets with the right dealer organizations on our team.

Focus Markets

Food — bakeries

Metal — metal fabrication and machining centers; scrap, turnings, chips and clips recycling; cutting/ coolant fluids and oil recovery/ recycling; product destruction

Wood — wood scrap, spools and pallet destruction

Recycling and Waste Handling — material handling of wet and dry products; dewatering; medical waste

Qualified dealer candidates must be sales minded and capable of providing customers with support throughout the buying process. With our focus on specialized systems and markets, our dealers have the ability to offer their customers the customized solutions they're looking for rather than trying to make cookie-cutter prefab designs fit the application.

SP Industries supports our factorytrained dealers and their end customers with training, technical support, systems consultation, site engineering and a great warranty program on all of the equipment we manufacture.


Compactor and Cart Dumper Dealership

Compactor and Cart Dumper Dealership

Compactor and Cart Dumper Dealership

Compactor and Cart Dumper Dealership


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