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Choosing the right compactor for your waste needs may seem simple, but often your waste is special to your industry. To maximize the benefits of compaction you need to have a system that provides the most weight you can put into a compaction container. Each state has different hauling capacities and often cities or local haulers have regulations or restrictions that you must also take into account. This is where the 25 years of compaction excellence provided by SP Industries can help navigate to the maximum savings. With our dealer network, we can find you a dealer who is familiar with your area, laws, and even the hauler that you currently work with. 

We also help you keep sustainability a priority with our hydraulic-free EM Series compactors.  The EM Series reduces contamination risks by removing hydraulic fluid and incorporating an entirely electro-mechanical system.

Don’t be fooled by “free” compactors provided by some hauling companies. Oftentimes these machines do not maximize hauling loads and you end up paying more for your waste handling. By owning your system, you have more flexibility to change hauling companies, negotiate better rates, and ensure that you are getting the most from your waste handling system.

If you know what size and type of machine you are interested in, click on the picture of that machine to see the specifications and technical data. Need help deciding what compactor is the best for your company?  Email our sales team or call us directly at 800-592-5959.

CP-2102 with Wet Pack
CP-6002 Transfer
SCS LP Self Contained