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Tailoring to the Application: Power Unit Features

SP Industries offers a diverse range of design Standard Features features that provide maximum configurability to meet specific application requirements. Primary power unit design features are standard equipment on all SP compactors with no additional cost. Less common power unit features are considered "optional" but are readily available and can be added to your system.

  • Standard Features
  • Optional Features

Constant Displacement Vane Pump

The low noise vane type pump keeps the normal noise level below 85 db's and maintains consistent system pressure and cycling, even while under load.


All cylinders up to 7" utilize a two piece polyester elastomer seal system that is most tolerant to dirt and contamination with excellent wearing resistance. The 10" cylinders utilize a four piece TPFE seal system with thermo plastic anti-extrusion rings.

Hi/Lo Pump

This type of pump is used on our precrusher/compactor. It produces high volume at low PSI, at 1,400 PSI it diverts the high flow pump oil to the tank and continues with the low oil flow only.

Hydraulic Hose

All hydraulic hoses are SAE rated for 2000 PSI minimum working pressure and 8000 PSI minimum burst pressure.

Hydraulic Oil

The hydraulic oil is a premium grade oil with a viscosity index of 100 or higher and a viscosity of 120 to 150 SUS at 100° F. This fluid has antifoam, anti-wear, water separating additives, and a pour point of - 30° F.

Limit Switch

limit switchThe stroke of the cylinder(s) is controlled by one, double acting limit switch. The switch is set to reverse the cylinder stroke before the rod bottoms out which prevents hydraulic hammering and prolongs the life of the hydraulic system.


1725 RPM, T-Frame, O.D.P. (Open Drip Proof), 3 phase, 60 hertz, C-Face, high-efficiency.

Oil Reservoir

The oil capacity, being approximately 2-1/2 times larger than the rated pump output, allows for proper oil cooling and ample time to shut down the system if a hydraulic line should burst to prevent dry running of the pump. The reservoir includes an oil level gauge, thermometer, breather, clean out port, and flow baffles.

Pressure Switch

On some compactors and optional features, these switches are utilized to change direction on valves, activate/deactivate lights, and signal other optional features. 

Remote Power Unit with Power Cable

Completely independent power unit with easily accessible / non-proprietary components. Power cable provided is 10' (longer lengths must be hard piped - refer to any/all local electrical codes).

Soft Shift Hydraulic Valves

Self-contained compactor/containers are equipped with pressure switches and a tapered spool soft shift valve system. This relieves the hydraulic shock when reversing the cylinder rod.

Wet Armature Solenoid Directional Control Valve

A wet armature solenoid directional control valve has self lubricating, movable solenoid parts which provide longer solenoid life.


Oil Pressure Gauge

An oil filled gauge capable of measuring pressures from 0 to 3,000 PSI.

Monitor Gauge

monitor gaugeAn oil pressure gauge with color coded indicators for 50%, 75% and 100% of the maximum system pressure. Two models are available; one with the 100% full at 1800 to 2100 PSI, the other with 100% full at 1500 to 1700 PSI.

TEFC Motor

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled motors are available for extreme dust or moisture applications.

Power Unit Cover

power unit coverA power unit cover shields and protects the power unit from inclement weather and discourages vandalism. A pad lock may be placed on the door for added security. 

Weather Shield

A power unit cover with open ends that protects the power unit from inclement weather.

Power Inverter

Allows customer's single phase power service to be converted to 3-phase power, which permits the use of a standard 3-phase motor. Inverters can only be utilized on motors up to 10HP and require the hydraulic pump to be downsized to prevent motor stalling.

PLC Control System

Available to replace standard Timer/Relay control system. Offers greater functionality compared to the Timer/Relay system.

Automatic Dial Out System

Allows system to notify hauler or management via prerecorded phone calls when compaction container is near-full or full.