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Tailoring to the Application: Structural Features

SP Industries offers a diverse range of design features that provide maximum configurability to meet specific application requirements. Primary structural design features are standard equipment on all SP compactors with no additional cost. Less frequently required optional structural features are extra charge items, but readily available to add to your system without additional lead-time.

  • Standard Features
  • Optional Features

industrial compactor breaker barBreaker Bar

The steel cross member at the top front of the compaction opening that holds the compaction chamber together helps break oversized material down in size so it will fit into the compaction container opening. Our breaker bars have been designed to withstand a minimum of three times the maximum compactor force rating per the ANSI Z245.2 safety standards. Material wedged between the ram and breaker bar will create forces much greater than the compaction force. For instance, the breaker bar on a machine with a compaction force of 102,000 lbs. is engineered to withstand forces greater than 306,000 lbs. At those forces ram movement will stop or the material will give before the breaker bar will be permanently deformed.

Floor, Side & Top Supports

Structural steel channels, beams, angles, and tubes are used to provide the most reliable and strongest support.

Frame Floor

AR 235 Abrasion resistant work hardening plate is standard on all compactors and precrushers. This grade steel increases in hardness with use. Special Hardox AR floors are available upon request.

Hydraulic Cylinder Support

Used on the CP-3101-HD and all larger industrial machines (that have a 74" or larger stroke) including all PC models to support the cylinder(s). They support the longer cylinders keeping the cylinder and rod in line when the cylinder rod is extended, this prolongs the life of the seals and piston rings.

Precrusher Gate

A standard feature on all precrusher/compactor units. It is a vertical gate at the front of the compaction chamber which, when closed, provides a steel wall for the material in the chamber to be crushed against by the ram. It is used for bulky material such as crates, barrels, white goods and pallets to reduce the volume of the material before compacting it into the container.

Ram Guides

industrial compactor ram guidesNylatron pads on each side of the ram guide the ram inside the frame and maintain the ram against bucking and fishtailing. The wear guides are adjustable and if needed replaceable. These wear pads are like brake shoes and require adjustment or replacement based upon the usage of the machine.

Ram Hold Down Bars

industrial compactor hold down barsSteel wearbars running along the top of each side of the compaction chamber which hold the ram down during the compaction cycle.

Ram Wiper

industrial comapctor ram wiperA hinged wear bar at the back of the compaction chamber which wipes debris off the ram top when it retracts into the compactor.

Ratchet Load Binders

Industrial Comapctor Ratchet Load BindersTo secure a compaction container or trailer to the compactor. Heavy duty swivel hooks for a positive machine-to-container hook up. The ratchet load binders are designed to withstand more than the force generated by the hydraulic system. Containers attached to this system must also be designed to withstand the same or greater forces per ANSI Z245.21 safety standards. 

Rear Cross Member (Thrust Beam)

Industrial Compactor Cross MemberA combination beam and plate weldment to which the cylinder(s) is/are bolted (foot mounted). This member is designed to withstand more than the forces capable of being generated by the hydraulic power source per the ANSI Z245 series safety standards.

Removable Access Panel

Industrial Compactor Removable PanelBolted on top and/or rear of the compactor for access to internal compactor components such as the cylinder(s), limit switch, guide shoes and hydraulic piping. Lockout/tag out procedure must be followed before removing access panels per OSHA guidelines.

Weather Hood/Access Panel

Industrial Compactor Weather PanelStandard on the CP-4001, CP-4002 and CP-6002. The weather hood keeps the weather out and allows easy access to internal components of the compactor. Lockout/tag out procedure must be followed before removing access panels per OSHA guidelines.


750 lb Capacity Walk-On

Deck Available on all models for rear hopper loading systems. Cannot support the weight of a forklift or cart dumper.

5,000 lb Capacity Deck

Available on SC and SCS models of self-contained compactor/containers.

10,000 lb Capacity D rive-On Deck

Available on models of stationary compactors CP-2101 and larger for rear loading with a forklift or cart dumper system.

Access Doors

access doorsAn interlocked access door is available on a chute to allow access for cleaning the chute or clearing a jam. When the door is opened, the compactor will shut off. When entering the chute, all OSHA lock-out / tag-out procedures are required to be followed.

Bridge Chutes

bridge shootBridge chutes are available for side or rear loading of self-contained compactor/ containers. These chutes allow the SCS unit to be removed from under the chute for hauling. Loading doors of chutes could require interlocks per ANSI/ OSHA guidelines. 

compactor standCompactor Stands

These stands are used to raise the compactor to the loading height of a transfer trailer or for special applications to pack into the top of a compaction containers.

Container Centering Guide Island

container center guide islandA covered island which aligns the container with the compactor when the container is rolled back into position for attachment to the compactor.

Container Centering Guide Rails

container center guide railsVarious lengths are available to align the container with the compactor when it is rolled back into position for attachment to the compactor.

Container Centering Guide Rails w/Stops

guide rails with stopsGuide rails with stops are available to align self-contained compactor/ containers with their loading systems. Systems available include angle or channel type guides. 

Deck Extensions

Deck ExtensionsFor joining machine deck with building dock and providing necessary clearance for access to the rear of the machine.

Disinfectant Spray System

A premeasured intermittent spray helps to eliminate offensive odors and/or vermin. One aerosol can is included with our standard canister system.

Dog House Type Hoppers

Dog House HopperEnclosed hoppers are available for loading from rear and from either or both sides of the compactor. The doors must be equipped with safety interlocks to stop the machine when the door is opened.

Full EnclosureFull Enclosures

These enclosures are designed to completely cover the compactor deck and chamber opening to close off the area and reduce heat or air conditioning loss from the building and protect the operator from the weather.

Hand Rails/Toe Rails

Hand and Toe RailsSafety approved 42" height per OSHA and ANSI recommended safety standards. Hand/toe rails are required when working surface is 48" or higher off the ground.

Hoppers, Side or Rear

Standard size hoppers are available for all stationary compactors, precrusher/compactors and self-contained compactor/containers. See the standard hopper charts for sizes. Special hoppers are available on request. All meet ANSI Z245.2 series specifications.

side load hopperSide load hopper from the ground is shown with ANSI type load lip allowing for 84" of guarding distance from any moving hazard. 

side load hopperSide load hopper with a 42" load lip from a dock






rear load hopperRear load hopper with a 42" load lip from a deck



rear load hopperRear load hopper with a 42" load lip from a deck on an SC model self-contained compactor container



rear load hopperRear load hopper with a 42" load lip from a dock on an SCS model self-contained compactor container 



Pinning Tunnel

pinning tunnelA hinged tunnel mounted on the face of the ram which aligns with holes in the door of the attached container. This allows a chain, cable or pinning sword to be inserted through the holes in the container door and between the ram face and the refuse to retain the refuse from spilling out of the container when the container is pulled away from the compactor.

Safety Interlock

A safety switch is mounted on a chute or hopper door, or hopper gate when guarding or loading height is less than 42" H and a hazard is less than 84" away which can be reached. The interlock switch will only allow the machine to run when the door or gate is closed. Machine operation will stop when the door or gate is opened.

Safety Gates

safety gateUsed to close off loading areas and equipped with a safety interlock switch to ensure that the operator is at a safe distance before the compactor is started per ANSI Z245.2 series specifications. 

Security Chutes

Security ChuteFully enclosed chutes are available for side or rear loading of a stationary compactor from the inside of a building. Loading doors of chutes could require an interlock per ANSI/OSHA guidelines.

Security Door and Thimble

Security DoorUsed as a through the wall access to a security chute. The door can be locked for safety and security. A loading height of at least 42" is required for walking/ working surface safety standards and must be supplied with a safety interlock per ANSI Z245 series standards. 

Telescopic Chute

Telescopic ChuteTelescopic chutes are available for side loading of self-contained compactor/ containers. These chutes are attached to the compactor and slide away from the wall opening to allow the SC unit to be removed for hauling. Loading doors of chutes could require an interlock per ANSI/OSHA guidelines.

Through Wall Ratchet Kit

Through Wall Ratchet KitThe kits have special load binders that allow the hauler to unhook and re-hook the container outside the building, from the compactor inside of building. This eliminates the need for the hauler to have access to the interior of the building. Shut off controls must be located outside at the hookup area per ANSI Z245 series standards.