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When to use a precrusher for heavy duty industrial compactor applications

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Industrial Precrusher Compactors

Precrushers are the ultimate industrial compactor machine. Precrushers are additionally advantageous for industrial compactor applications that require fluid recovery and/or product destruction.


Squeeze the fluids out of trash for maximum cost and weight efficiency

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Industrial Precrusher

This short video highlights the benefit of removing fluids as part of the compaction process.

Industrial Precrushers are the Ultimate Compaction System for Wet or Dry Materials

Industrial precrushersPrecrushers provide the ultimate compaction by crushing a load within the machine before loading and compacting it again in the container. This process causes the material to be broken, condensed, and reformed to better fit into the container.

SP precrushers achieve forces of up to 161,000 PSI. What really makes the difference is the ram face PSI of up to 89.8 at a hydraulic pressure of 2,100 pounds per square inch. Precrushers are great for operations that require product destruction, white goods consolidation, or compaction of metal and wood products.

Every precrusher is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Our precrusher designs include a three point Nylatron block guide system, which evenly distributes pressure on waste material at full force every time. This absence of fishtailing, bucking, or buckling increases the life span of the compactor and requires less maintenance. Also, with SP Industries' equipment you get the best warranty in the industry because we build every machine to last.

Choose the right precrusher for your application:

Learn more about the features, benefits and capabilities of these powerful three to nine cubic yard problem solvers by reviewing the Dry Waste and Wet Waste links below. find all of the technical data, standard equipment, and optional features available to help you get the most out of your equipment. 

precrusher precrusher
Wet Waste Precrushers
Dry Waste Precrushers


Single Cylinder Precrushers

  • 3, 4 or 6 cu.yd. capacity
  • Ideal, lower cost solution for lighter duty industrial and transfer station applications





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