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SCS Series Self-Contained Commercial Compactor Systems for Wet Waste

scs self contained compactor

  • Larger capacity cross-configured dual cylinder design
  • 10 frame sizes provide 10 to 39 cu.yd. capacity
  • 40" L x 56.5" W clear top opening
  • Maximum packing force 52,800 lbs.
  • 95 cu.yds/hr volume displacement for <23 cu.yd. capcity
    models; 158 cu.yds/hr volume displacement for >23
    cu.yd. capcity models
  • Standard 8' wide octagonal container; 6 or 7'
    wide rectangular containers optionally available

SCS Series Self-Contained Compactors

Overall Length SCS Self-Contained
Compactor Models
10 12' 7" SCS-1010-OC/LP
13 13' 7" SCS-1113-OC/LP
17 15' 7" SCS-1317-OC/LP
19 16' 7" SCS-1419-OC/LP
21 17' 7" SCS-1521-OC/LP
23 18' 7" SCS-1623-OC/LP
27 20' 7" SCS-1827-OC/LP
31 22' 7" SCS-2031-OC/LP
35 24' 7" SCS-2235-OC/LP
39 26' 7" SCS-2439-OC/LP

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