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Separate liquids from your waste process

self contained Commercial Compactor

SP Industries WET Series compactor systems separate liquids from waste using a raised ram and sloped compaction floor to isolate fluids in a specially designed container. This maximizes the weight of your waste per load every time, reducing the frequency of trips to the landfill as well as hauling costs, personnel costs, and more. More Information Self-Contained Compactors

Dealing with water and other liquids in your waste process?

Watch this video

precrushers industrial compactors

This video demonstrates a customer's test to determine the amount of liquid that can be removed from loose fiberglass material using an SP precrusher. Even with the limited sample size used in this test, you can clearly see the benefits of dewatering.


Self-Contained Commercial Compactor Systems Ideal for Safe and Sanitary Handling of Wet Waste
  • Self Contained CompactorSelf-contained commercial compactors are designed specifically for wet/liquified waste applications
  • The compactor is permanently attached to the container and mounted on its understructure. When the container is full, the entire unit is loaded onto a roll-off hoist truck for transportation to the landfill
  • Two styles tailor to facility requirements Note: roll-off hoist trucks use a variety of designs to load and secure the containers for transportation. The understructure of the self-contained compactor must match the hauler's truck system. Consult the hauler for the correct understructure before ordering the compaction equipment.

Choose the right self-contained commercial compactor system for your application:

Contact SP Industries to discuss the right compactor and combination of options for your application.

SCM Series Self-Contained Compactors

  • Smaller capacity single cylinder design
  • 10 frame sizes provide 7 to 23 cu.yd. capacity
  • Standard 5' wide rectangular containers (6,7,8' optional)

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SCS Series Self-Contained Compactors

  • Larger capacity cross-configured dual cylinder design
  • 10 frame sizes provide 10 to 39 cu.yd. capacity
  • Standard 8' wide octagonal containers (6, 7' rectangular containers optional)

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